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        我們是一家專注于研發和生產小型伺服系統,機器人關節模組的高新技術企業。 主創團隊所有成員均擁有十年以上從事伺服電機和驅動系統生產的經驗,所有公司職員均擁有大學以上學歷,我們注重創新,勇于實踐,依托大學機電專業的科研團隊,并積極與國際先進大學團隊合作,2019年取得了麻省理工學院的獨家合作生產授權。隨著科技的發展,協作機器人,教學機器人,仿真機器人,醫療機器人等將會越來越深入到千家萬戶,我司作為行業先行者,順應時代發展,將產品定位在小型化,高效率,急速響應的伺服領域。讓機器人脫離電源束縛,能更長時間的自由活動,是我司的不懈追求。 曾為星云、威爾帝、品靈、鉑銳特、力德航空、北京百度網訊、MIT等國內外品牌合作、其相關產品在國內外排名前幾,在海外同類產品中知名度極高。 目前,我司大力研發機器人關節模組電機;初級研發的產品,在全國大學生機器人大賽、協作機器人、教學機器人機械臂、四足機器人等領域得到了廣泛的應用。此外,在大陸、中國臺灣皆有我們產品代理渠道,無論你走到世界的哪個角落,都會見到海泰用戶的身影。

        Hai Tai Electromechanical Equipment (YIWU) CO. LTD

        We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of small servo systems and robot joint modules. Senior team members are all more than ten years experience in servo motor and drive system production, all company employees have a college degree or above, we pay attention to innovation, bold practice, relying on university mechanical and electrical professional scientific research team, team cooperation, and actively with the international advanced university made at the Massachusetts institute of technology in 2019 exclusive cooperation production authorization. With the development of science and technology, collaborative robots, teaching robots, simulation robots, medical robots and so on will be more and more in-depth into thousands of households. As the industry pioneer, our company complies with the development of The Times, positioning products in the miniaturization, high efficiency, rapid response of the servo field. Let the robot out of the power supply, can move freely for a longer time, is our unremitting pursuit. He has cooperated with domestic and foreign brands such as xingyun, weidi, pinling, platt, lide aviation, Beijing baidu netcom, MIT, etc., and his related products rank among the top at home and abroad, and are highly known among similar products overseas. At present, our company vigorously research and develop robot joint module motor; Primary research and development of products, in the national college students robot competition, collaborative robot, teaching robot robot arm, quadruped robot and other fields have been widely used. In addition, in the mainland, China and Taiwan have our product agency channels, no matter you go to any corner of the world, will see the figure of haitai users.

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